After consulting for over six years in an enterprise software environment, it was time for me to give business ownership a shot. In 2013, my partners and I went on to form our own company which turned profitable within two years with over $2 million in revenue.



Having sat in front of a computer since a toddler, technology has become second nature to me. In grade school, I began my freelancing career that would eventually lead to consulting after graduating high school. From infrastracture to the web, I am a jack-of-all trades.



Coming from a family of singers, producers and actresses, entertainment runs through my bones. While I am still on a journey (perhaps a life long one) to determine where I fit in the mix, I do dabble here and there (mostly rap).



While taking pictures with an expensive camera doesn’t make you a photographer, it has a nice ring to it! In 2013 I traveled the country to find the best hiking I could and in the process found my inner photog. Some day I will do more than point and shoot.